sexy ladies

Been practicing drawing and coloring caricatures lately, took a while to get a style I was really happy with but I finally managed to get something I was happy with! Did these of two of my best fwends Perin and Kate :B


Two great shows in one

Beach bums

Saw these beautiful people on the resort in Mexico, the guy in the "Suns out guns out" shirt killed me

characters in costume

Some quick 3 min sketches from life drawing class of two characters dressed up as hippies and one digital piece I did from a sketch.


The result of 2 cans of monster in one day = A mental 5am art attack
 I put my emotions into these guyzz, dont laugh D':
Anyways...I decided to scan them in today and noticed they look like dresses so I decided to draw some smexy ladies, hope you like them!


BIG ANG! the most ridiculous human being on the planet... and poor Louie stuck in her big boobs.

winter nooo, staaaappp

Me hating life in the -20 weather. I cant wait for summer!

A day at the zoo

Just some sketches I did at the Toronto zoo last summer. Weird looking babies, an overly excited kid at the water park, and a sexy gorilla. Enjoy.