Just some naked people

Deff need more practice, but here are some life drawings from last year, top ones are 5min and bottom ones are around 10min.


FINALLY got around to fixing my scanner so now I can add things to maa blog! heres just a few drawings I did over the summer... more to come soon :)


Just a couple of really exaggerated caricatures of people I drew not too long ago. The last one WAS a lady but I guess I got a little carried away and she turned into an alien...woop.

Pin Up

Heyy everyone! So I havn't picked up a paintbrush in months so the other day I decided to blow the dust off my paintbox and paint somethin'. The one on the left I did over the summer but never got around to finishing the second one until last night, hope you like em :D

Cosmic Love

Just some older, more illustrative work I did in the last year. Also, if you haven't listened to Florence and the Machine yet DO IT. She is absolutely amazing and her album cover was my inspiration for the painting above

Derpy Clown Possee

Lately Ive had this weird obsession with drawing clowns and circus freaks they're just so fun to draw. Here are some drawings I doodled in class last week that I colored in Photoshop, hope you like em!

Velcome to my blog ladies and gents!

SO I finally got around to making a blog for my artwork! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY....so to start off, heres a couple wonky designs I came up with for some forest animals. I think the moose is my fav :B